A visceral passion for jewelry, never considered as mere objects, but artistic expression of emotions and history.
This is the root of my career, started about 15 years ago as a student, and then seller and admirer of jewelry.

A path that, after a while, I saw active ‘in the field’. The search, selection, and perhaps even a vocation, that went on for some time, has slowly taken shape – it’s appropriate to say – making clear the passion.

From this push they were born the first drawings and creating handcrafted in limited quantities.
Today my creative mixes inspired by ancient forms without giving up the most contemporary influences. Berth different materials: gold, silver and bronze, never get away from a concept of baroque and classical forms, playing on details and finishes that give my jewelry a decidedly rock.

Among the codes connotative of my work there are definitely distinguishable traits of my studies and the predilection for the iconography and religious art.